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duminica, 02 octombrie 2022

Vitiligo is chronic depigmentation in skin give ugly and colorless patches on skin.
Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin and hair pigment are lost and white spots of different size and shape occur. Microscopic view of the vitiligo spots shows that in the lower parts of the skin epidermis, pigment cells (melanocytes) are completely absent. In addition to a medical problem vitiligo is a major social-psychological problem. It is regarded as a generally cosmetically disfiguring skin disorders which mask means may be fairly treated.

Facts and stats of vitiligo:
At least 1 to 2 percent of the world population suffering from vitiligo.
Vitiligo is not contagious skin disorder.

How does it?
The precise cause of vitiligo is still unknown. There are several theories developed by different people, which are not mutually exclusive. The most common theories are:

The autoimmune theory:

Some researchers show that vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, a disorder in the immune system of the body.
The immune system instead of fight infectious invader attacks skin cells and tissues. In case of vitiligo an immunological response causes destruction of skin pigment cells. People suffering from other autoimmune disease are more likely to be affected from vitiligo such as thyroid gland, Addison's disease, alopecia areata and diabetes.

The genetic theory:

According to this theory, Vitiligo is a hereditary disease. An study shows that about 30-40% of total vitiligo patients, are those which have a family background with vitiligo.

Melanocytes self destruction:

This theory assumes that the pigment cells are destroyed by substances released in the formation of melanin (skin pigment). Normally there is a protective mechanism that makes these substances harmless. In vitiligo, this protective mechanism, however, are disordered. What this theory argues that in patients with vitiligo the white spots most in those areas which are normally the most pigmented and therefore the strongest formation of melanin have.

The neurogenic theory

This theory is based on the observation that this disorder occurs due to some abnormal function of the nervous system.
It is believed that vitiligo may be a result of increased secretion of certain harmful substances from nerve endings, which affects the formation of melanin (skin pigment) and pigment cells. Although such substances never directly demonstrated, there are observations and research findings that support this theory.

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