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.Homotoxicology-Plurifactorial chemical intoxication – clinical case

In 1999 May , I take at the Acupuncture and Homeopathy National Center , Bucharest, Romania the patient Dinca Maria for allergical rhinitis and allergical astm who is obtainet at work place (Prodin Industry Bucharest- 1980-1992 ) where she worked with chemical substances like : sulfuric acid , acetic acid ,sodium hydroxide , etc. First manifestation of bronchial astma was in 1987 after Cernobal incident .

Homeopathic drug witch is administred was : Aqua Pulvis , Ammonium muriatic, Chloral hidrat, Aceticum acid, Sulfuric acid, Carbolic Acid, Causticum and Arsenicum album , in low dilutions-C7.

After six series the clinical results was very good .

2.Homotoxicology : secondary effects of Phenacetinum and treatments of this through by new homeopathic drug – PHENACETINUM - C 7 – C 9

Chronical administration of phenacetinum in produses standardized : codamine, antineuralgic , etc. , determined apparition of secundary manifestation like allergical eruptions , gastric inflammation , feverish states , psychical lability , anaemia and methaemoglobinemy . I found this description in chemist case (LC) from Deva who is chronical consumer of standardized drugs wich contained phenacetinum. She used this for a chronical migraine. Through kindness of Cezarina Tuckel and Clucereanu chemists was prepared phenacetinum dilutions C 7 ana C 9 what is proved efficiency in four months about all the patients symptoms.

3. Simbolistic picture and subconscious themes analysis at one painter patient with thyroidian tumour and canerinic chronic miasm.

Fear and anxiety about cancer were paramount in the minds of patient , this having symptoms like : nightmares , insomnia ,restlessness , crying spells , etc. Anxiety in some degree is a universal part of the human experience . In more sever forms it can cause a major disruption in patients ‘ lives and may serve as an indicator of serious underlying disease . The mood of the cancerous anxious patient might be described as fearful although such fear may at time assume the proportions of panic or terror. The phsychotically anxious patient is apt to manifest mood that is bizzare or innappropiate. Anxiety may be simptomatically response evoke by fear of physical danger . In our case is cancerinic chronic miasm threatening . Phobic anxiety may be invoking the mechanisms of symbolization and displacement like this frightfullies pictures. Been in cancerinic miasm the subconscious feelings of painter was suggestivelly revealed through frightfully themes of pictures.

4.Pulmonary cancer, clinical case with favourable evolution – therapeutical result obtained by allopathic and homeopatic team : Ivascu Stelian Prof – surgeon, Cernescu Prof-immunolog and Dumitrescu Ioan- homeopat.

Female patient D.M 67 years age was examined by me in 1997 september and because radiological examination showed one opacity accompanied by thoracical adenopathy I suspected malignant tumour. Tomographic examination confirmed diagnosis of pulmonary malign tumour –T3,N1,M0.With difficulty I convinced sick women to undergo an operation ,in 1997 december having undergone succesfull operation. Before and after this I gived him homeopathic drugs for heart problems and for anxiety.The sick women was operated by Stelian Ivascu professor at Ioan Holiness hospital, Bucharest after this she receiving an complex treatment: cytostatic drugs, immunological therapy –by Cernescu professor and homeopathic therapy for cancerinic miasm by Dr. Dumitrescu Ioan-homeopath specialist.The clinical evolution was very good,showing the role of each specialist in therapeutical team.I consider this approach like a good solution,especially for incurables cases.I this case sick women living in present having a good relatively health.

5.NOSODES. Homotoxicology :NEWS BOWEL Lactobacillus and Streptococus Faecalis –mutants types.

In 1995 I used the Lactobacillus suspension produced by biologist Teodorescu for chronic diarrhoea, the suspension been older with altereted genetical configuration the symptoms of patients was agravated they having blood-stools with mucosities ,feverish,shivering restlessness and deeply deterioration of health. In accordance of homeopathic law :similia ,similibus curantur I appealed at Cezarina Tuckel and Clucereanu chemists to prepare this new bowel nosodes ,first Lactobacillus ,more later Streptococus Faecalis.The symptoms of rectocolitis was succesfull treated with Lactobacillus homeopathic drug in low dilutions. I applied same treatment at others patients with rectocolitis disease and the resultswas promising.The explanation is in a chemical influence of antibiotics and sulphamids about genetical configuration of bowel normal flora engendering chronical colitis .

6.Homeopathic treatment supervision of breast benign tumours through tumoral markers methods and cutaneous thermography.

Introducing cutaneous thermography as to diagnosis method and supervision in collaboration with Dr. Moldovan Ion oncolog specialist,I was able to appreciate the sternly cases for oncology as well homeopathic efficiency treatment.In 1999 thirty-one new cases was investigated termographic and

tumoral marker method having as follows evolution:16 cases healed-51,6%, 14 cases ameliorated- 45,16%,one case-3,23% no response been reoriented to the services of oncology.From 1993 february to 1999 August I haved for homeopathic treatment 281 sick women with breast tumours.

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